Response to Literature “Myths”

MYP Objectives

Criterion A:

  • Interpret conventions.
  • Engage with spoken and visual text by identifying ideas, opinions and attitudes and by making a response to the text based on personal experiences and opinions.

Criterion B:

  • Construct meaning by identifying stated and implied information, main ideas and supporting details.

Criterion C:

  • Express ideas and feelings, and communicate information in simple and complex texts.
  • Communicate with a sense of audience and purpose.


After reading the Cherokee myth “Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun”, create your own myth that explains in a creative way why certain animal looks or behaves the way it does.

Follow the steps below in order to complete the task:

  • Write your story (120-180 words) on your copybook.
  • Record yourself. Use Adobe Voice application record your story. You can also include animals’ sounds to make your story sound more realistic!
  • Add images. Find at least 4 images that fit in your story.
  • Add text or extra images to make your narration more interesting.
  • Save and send your work. Once you are happy with your video send it to your teacher through email.

Assessment Plan

Dear students,

Find the Assessment Plan for this semester. It is important that you keep record of it!

Units to be covered: 

  • Nº1 What’s light and
  • Nº3 How can we tell what’s right?

1.- PT 23 March: Integrated Skills Test based on Unit 1: What is light?

2.- PT 11 April: Trinity Reading and Writing:

3.- ED 25 April: “Science Experiment”

4.- ED 18 May: “Performance Assessment”.

5.- ED 8 June: “Performance Assessment: Fables and Bitstrips”

6.- PT 21 June: Integrated Skills Test based on Unit 3: “How can we tell what is right?”

MYP Inquiry questions (Period 1)

Big Question 1: What is light?

Inquiry questions:

Factual: What are the elements that form light?

Conceptual: Has light helped overcome the problem of poverty in the world?

Debatable: Could we live without artificial light?

Time for elections in ISE-1


Dear class,

Today we’ll work on an activity to reinforce and practice conditionals…yes, again.

In this activity, you will create a political party. You will work in groups of four,  and each group will have to come up with at commandments about what you will/ would do if you are/were elected using the first or second conditional. After each group presents, you will vote to which party you will/would like to elect.

You will also have to create the following elements:

  • A title for your political party
  • A flag for your party
  • 10 commandments


Book Donation Campaign

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.50.22.png

Dear all,

Our library has started a new campaign today! It is called “Dona tu libro,” so if you have books at home that you already read and would like to share with your classmates, donate them to our library!