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Boudica classwork

Today we will work in pairs regarding your reading unto chapter 5


In your copybook answer the following questions:

How do Boudica´s actions affect the story?

What are the events that impulses Boudica to take action against the Romans?

What new characters play key roles?

Who sides with the queen and what are their motivations to do so?

Establish a sequence of 6 events that are the spine of this story


Our g´19 Magazine is READY!!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.56.04

Here we have our magazine!

Check it out, share it with family and enjoy your work!!

Short stories: structure and elements


I. What is a short story?

A short story generally involves a limited number of characters and scenes, deals with a short period of time, and uses only the details for understanding the story’s situation.

II. The structure of a short story
The structure of a short story is divided into three main parts: opening, climax and ending / twists.

  1. Opening:
    The start of the story, which introduces the protagonist and the setting(s)
  2. Climax:The turning point or the most exciting part of the story
  3. Ending / Twists (sudden unexpected endings to stories):The end of the story, which may provide a resolution, or a twist to surprise readers

III. The elements of a short story

Like any type of stories, a short story contains the following elements: theme, setting, context and characters.

1. Theme:

A short story may contain one or more than one themes, which express the main idea of the story, e.g. friendship, loyalty, family values, love, etc.

  1. Setting:It is the places or surroundings where the story takes place.
  2. Context:It is the events or the character’s actions that make up the story.
  3. Characters:The characters can be real people or fictional people, animals, etc.

To write your story you must consider the following:

Minimum 350 words (piece of cake!)

4 first conditional sentences (if/unless)

Clear main events as seen in the diagram: USE PARAGRAPHING for this

No sci-fi, no murder, no aliens, etc: BASED ON REAL LIFE SITUATION!!

Here is the Short story rubric

Introduction to First Conditional

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 13.02.22

The Odyssey: Book 3 and Book 4


Dear all,

Today we will work on books 3 and 4 from the Odyssey. Here you some questions to answer after reading:

Book 3: Pylos 

a. What is King Nestor’s opinion of Odysseus?

b. Describe Nestor’s reaction when he realizes that Telemachus’ companion is Athena.

Book 4: Sparta

a. What clues suggest Menelaus and Helen that Telemachus is Odysseus’ son?

b. What is Menelaus’ opinion of Odysseus?

c. Describe Antinoo’s plan to destroy Telemachus.