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Boudica classwork

Today we will work in pairs regarding your reading unto chapter 5


In your copybook answer the following questions:

How do Boudica´s actions affect the story?

What are the events that impulses Boudica to take action against the Romans?

What new characters play key roles?

Who sides with the queen and what are their motivations to do so?

Establish a sequence of 6 events that are the spine of this story


Practice Test for Ms Maureen´s class


Here are some questions for you to work before next week´s test!

Try doing them alone first, then commenting on the difficult ones with your classmates!

The Odyssey


The check this funny cool video on “The Odyssey” 101!!

Ms Maureen´s Blog Checklist



here is the file that we have worked on today.

Check you have all the bullet points included. Use of language, that is, grammar, spelling, punctuation, are part of each one of them.

Blog checklist