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Assessment Plan

Dear students,

Find the Assessment Plan for this semester. It is important that you keep record of it!

Units to be covered: 

  • Nº1 What’s light and
  • Nº3 How can we tell what’s right?

1.- PT 23 March: Integrated Skills Test based on Unit 1: What is light?

2.- PT 11 April: Trinity Reading and Writing:

3.- ED 25 April: “Science Experiment”

4.- ED 18 May: “Performance Assessment”.

5.- ED 8 June: “Performance Assessment: Fables and Bitstrips”

6.- PT 21 June: Integrated Skills Test based on Unit 3: “How can we tell what is right?”


Ms Victoria’s Group Sway Presentations, followed by Ms Maureen´s Group


Dear class,

Below you can find the links to your Sway presentations! Congratulations to you all for your work.

Sebastián Achondo/ Matias Prieto / José Ignacio Pizarro:

Benjamín Bravo/ Nicolás Völker:

Martín Kokaly / Santiago Larraín:

Felipe Rioja / Ignacio Berrios:

José Ignacio Comas / Agustín Ferreira:

Cristóbal Reitze / Raimundo Figueroa:

Ignacio Zapico / Vicente González:

Maximiliano García / Tomás Eltit:


Nicholas Temkin/ Gerardo Aldunate:

Pablo Achondo / Jorge Canello:

Braulio Bahamonde / Cristóbal Mendez: :

Elias Rebolledo / David Murillo:

Nicolás Gray / Martin Muñoz:

Luis Sottovia / Alejandro Larrain / Alfonso Arizabalo:

Vincenzo Cademartori / Antonio Karmy:

Ignacio Kaplán / Matías Tortello:

Fernando Rios / Cristóbal Buzeta:

Marcos Bartucevic / Joaquim Mayné:

Preparing Trinity Exam: Speaking and Listening


Dear class,

On November 5th and 6th you will take the Speaking and Listening, so we need to start getting ready!

Please, check the following information out about the structure of the test:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.41.59Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.42.34

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.42.43


Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.48.32

Trinity Exam: Practice Material


Dear class,

Here you can find material to practice for the Trinity Exam Mock Test due Monday.

Click on the links below to access to a digital copy of the exercises:

Part 1 – Long Reading: ISE-I practice test

Long Reading: reading-task-1

Part 2 – Multi-text reading: Multi-Text 2 ISE-I Practice test

Part 3 – Reading into writing: task-3-r-into-w

Part 4: Extended writing: Extended writing practice

It’s time for a new Project!


Dear all,

Today you will start working on a new project based on our readers: Boudicca and The Odyssey: The Graphic Novel.

Click here to get a PDF copy of the instructions, activities, and assessment rubrics: 8th Readers Project