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Extra Material

Dear all, find 3 links with exercises that might help you practice for our up coming test. If you have questions, don’t hesitate and ask your teacher!


Structure Test: Unit 1″What is light?” Wednesday, 23 March

Content and Skills:

1) Reading Comprehension: Main idea, secondary ideas and details, vocabulary in context.

2) Listening Comprehension: Trinity Format (note taking and answering question)

3) Writing: Describe and Object

4) Vocabulary and Grammar: Key Words and Academic Words from reading 2 + Order of Adjectives + Adverb Clauses of Time


A) Keystone D Textbook: Unit 1 “What is light?” (pp 16, 19-20 ,30)

B) Class Website Material, videos, explanations, examples, online practice)


Assessment Plan

Dear students,

Find the Assessment Plan for this semester. It is important that you keep record of it!

Units to be covered: 

  • Nº1 What’s light and
  • Nº3 How can we tell what’s right?

1.- PT 23 March: Integrated Skills Test based on Unit 1: What is light?

2.- PT 11 April: Trinity Reading and Writing:

3.- ED 25 April: “Science Experiment”

4.- ED 18 May: “Performance Assessment”.

5.- ED 8 June: “Performance Assessment: Fables and Bitstrips”

6.- PT 21 June: Integrated Skills Test based on Unit 3: “How can we tell what is right?”

It’s time for a new Project!


Dear all,

Today you will start working on a new project based on our readers: Boudicca and The Odyssey: The Graphic Novel.

Click here to get a PDF copy of the instructions, activities, and assessment rubrics: 8th Readers Project

1, 2, 3…..Let´s interview a criminal!


Your next evaluation consists in re-enacting an interview between a famous criminal and the leading detective in the case.

Choose a criminal from the given links and let your creativity flow!!!

You can find your booklet here and the rubric for the interview (oral and written) also here.

Interview a criminal 8 ise1

iMovie Presentation Rubric


Links to choose your criminal: