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Survey: evaluating Joomag




Last year we created together a digital travel magazine using the web page Joomag.

This year other groups would like to explore and use this online platform and for that we need your expertise!

Please click on the following link and answer just 8 questions! Future magazines depend on you!!




Adjectives and adverbs!!

Looking for a good explanation on Adjectives and adverbs? Check this link out!!

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.55.01

Here are some rules related to the use of Adjectives and Adverbs

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.55.18

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.55.33

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.55.46

Vocabulary webpages and link to study from


For your Trinity exam and trial you will have the following conversation topics:



Learning a foreign language


Health and fitness

Rules and regulations

Here are some questions to work with!

Trinity ISE I Questions


  1. What would you wear to a fashionable party?
  1. What things do people buy when they have a lot of money?
  1. How do people travel in your country?
  1. What do you do to keep healthy?
  1. Have you ever helped your friends choose their clothes?
  1. How can people benefit from travelling abroad?
  1. What healthy activities would you like to try in the future?
  1. What is a crazy rule in your opinion?
  1. In your country, is fashion important?
  1. Why do you like learning languages?
  1. Have you ever spoken a foreign language? Where?
  1. Name a school rule you agree with
  1. Can money buy love?
  1. Is it easy to do healthy activities where you live?
  1. How much exercise is enough?
  1. What are 10 important words to learn when travelling in another country?
  1. What did you learn when travelling in another country?
  1. In the future, will there be more or less international travel?
  1. Describe your healthiest meal
  1. Which language would you like to learn in the future?
  1. What will be the most popular way to travel in the future?
  1. Who chose clothes for you when you were younger?
  1. What happens when people break rules?
  1. Does money change people?
  1. Do teenagers always disagree?
  1. What is difficult about learning foreign languages?
  1. What kind of clothes do you like now?
  1. Rich or intelligent? Which is better?
  1. Do people spend too much money on fashion?



Answer questions from the book, chapters 10 to the end.

Chapter 10:

  1. Why did Boudica think Genovefa´s vision was right?
  2. What did Boudica propose to Brennus and what was his answer?
  3. What did the Iceni want Boudica to do for them?

Chapter 11:

  1. Who was Paulinus Suetonius, what had he done in Mona Island?
  2. What was Paulinus Suetonius doing and how did affect Boudica´s plans for Londinium?
  3. What plan did Boudica come up with regarding the attack on Londinium and how did it turn out?
  4. What problem did Boudica and Brennus have and how did it end?

Chapter 12:

  1. Why was Boudica separated from the rest of her army?
  2. Wah t awaited her on the other side of the bridge?
  3. Who did she encounter there? What did she want?

Chapter 13:

  1. What did Brennus do for Boudica?
  2. What was Paulinus up to?
  3. What had Camorra done to the tree? What did she say to it?

Chapter 14:

  1. What happened in the battle?
  2. What was with Brennus and his final words?
  3. How did Camorra and Tasca escape the Romans?
  4. What is hemlock and where did Boudica get it from?
  5. What happened to Boudica and her daughters?

Writing a book review


In your next assignment you will have to write a book review based on the reader you have been working on this semester.

This is the basic structure for the book review:

  1. First, a review gives the reader a concise summary of the content. This includes a relevant description of the topic as well as its overall perspective, argument, or purpose. But without giving any spoilers or revealing plot twists. As a general rule, try to avoid writing in detail about anything that happens from about the middle of the book onwards. If the book is part of a series, it can be useful to mention this, and whether you think you’d need to have read other books in the series to enjoy this one.
  2. Second, and more importantly, a review offers a critical assessment of the content. This involves your reactions to the work under review: what strikes you as noteworthy, whether or not it was effective or persuasive, and how it enhanced your understanding of the issues at hand.Focus on your thoughts and feelings about the story and the way it was told. You could try answering a couple of the following questions:
  • Who was your favourite character, and why?
  • Did the characters feel real to you?
  • Did the story keep you guessing?
  • What was your favourite part of the book, and why?
  • Were certain types of scene written particularly well – for example sad scenes, tense scenes, mysterious ones…?
  • Did the book make you laugh or cry?
  • Did the story grip you and keep you turning the pages?

Talk about why you think it didn’t work for you. For example:

  • Did you wish the ending hadn’t been a cliffhanger because you found it frustrating?
  • Did you find it difficult to care about a main character, and could you work out why?
  • Was the story too scary for your liking, or focused on a theme you didn’t find interesting?

3. Finally, in addition to analyzing the work, a review often suggests whether or not the audience would appreciate it.

Summarise some of your thoughts on the book by suggesting the type of reader you’d recommend the book to. For example: younger readers, older readers, fans of relationship drama/mystery stories/comedy. Are there any books or series you would compare it to?

You can give the book a rating, for example a mark out of five or ten, if you like

Luisa Plaja loves words and books, and she edits the teen book review site Chicklish. Her novels for teenagers include Split by a KissSwapped by a Kiss and Kiss Date Love Hate. She lives in Devon, England, and has two young children

Here you can find some examples of book reviews

Book review circle