Response to Literature “Myths”

MYP Objectives

Criterion A:

  • Interpret conventions.
  • Engage with spoken and visual text by identifying ideas, opinions and attitudes and by making a response to the text based on personal experiences and opinions.

Criterion B:

  • Construct meaning by identifying stated and implied information, main ideas and supporting details.

Criterion C:

  • Express ideas and feelings, and communicate information in simple and complex texts.
  • Communicate with a sense of audience and purpose.


After reading the Cherokee myth “Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun”, create your own myth that explains in a creative way why certain animal looks or behaves the way it does.

Follow the steps below in order to complete the task:

  • Write your story (120-180 words) on your copybook.
  • Record yourself. Use Adobe Voice application record your story. You can also include animals’ sounds to make your story sound more realistic!
  • Add images. Find at least 4 images that fit in your story.
  • Add text or extra images to make your narration more interesting.
  • Save and send your work. Once you are happy with your video send it to your teacher through email.

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