The Odyssey: Reading Comprehension Questions (Book 10-15)


Dear class,

Today we’ll continue working with our reader The Odyssey: The Graphic Novel. Remember that the assessment for this novel will be a project, so it is important that you read as much as possible before we start with it.

Please, read the following questions and answer them in your copybooks. This activity is individual as the two previous weeks you worked in groups.

 Book 10: Aeolus and Circe

  1. Describe the land that Odysseus sighted after his experience with the Cyclops.
  2. What was so particular about King Aeolus’ sons and daughters?
  3. What was King Aeolus’ gift to Odysseus? Explain.
  4. On the way home, what happened after Odysseus felt asleep?
  5. What was Odysseus’ plea to King Aaeolus? And what was the King’s answer?
  6. How were Odysseus and his men received by the Laestrygonians?
  7. Who was Circe? What did she do to Odysseus’ men?
  8. Who did Odysseus encounter when he was going to release his men? What did they talk about?
  9. For how long did Odysseus and his men stay on Circe’s island?
  10. What was Circe’s advice to Odysseus? Who was Tiresias? Explain.

Book 11: The Land of the Dead

  1. Whose spirits did Odysseus see before identifying Tiresias’ spirit?
  2. What was Tiresias’ prophecy? Explain.
  3. What did Achilles say to Odysseus? Name two ideas.

Book 12: Scylla and Charybdis

  1. What was Circe’s first warning to Odysseus? What were he and his men supposed to do?
  2. Who was Scylla? Describe.
  3. What did Eurylachus decide to do when Odysseus went to ask the gods for help? How did this affect their fate? Explain.

Book 13: Home at last

  1. How did Athena help Odysseus when he arrived in Ithaca? Explain.

Book 14: The Swineherd

  1. Why didn’t the swineherd believe Odysseus’ tales at the beginning?
  2. What was the personal story Odysseus told the swineherd while he was wearing the disguise?

Book 15: Telemachus returns

  1. Who was Theoclymenus? What was his problem?
  2. Who adviced Telemachus in his dream? What was the piece of advice?

Click here to get a PDF copy of these questions: The Odyssey (Book 10-15)


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