Answer questions from the book, chapters 10 to the end.

Chapter 10:

  1. Why did Boudica think Genovefa´s vision was right?
  2. What did Boudica propose to Brennus and what was his answer?
  3. What did the Iceni want Boudica to do for them?

Chapter 11:

  1. Who was Paulinus Suetonius, what had he done in Mona Island?
  2. What was Paulinus Suetonius doing and how did affect Boudica´s plans for Londinium?
  3. What plan did Boudica come up with regarding the attack on Londinium and how did it turn out?
  4. What problem did Boudica and Brennus have and how did it end?

Chapter 12:

  1. Why was Boudica separated from the rest of her army?
  2. Wah t awaited her on the other side of the bridge?
  3. Who did she encounter there? What did she want?

Chapter 13:

  1. What did Brennus do for Boudica?
  2. What was Paulinus up to?
  3. What had Camorra done to the tree? What did she say to it?

Chapter 14:

  1. What happened in the battle?
  2. What was with Brennus and his final words?
  3. How did Camorra and Tasca escape the Romans?
  4. What is hemlock and where did Boudica get it from?
  5. What happened to Boudica and her daughters?

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