The Odyssey Scavenger Hunt: Books 7, 8 & 9


Scavenger Hunt rules

This treasure hunt s an information-based scavenger hunt, or puzzle hunt, in which teams use their collective brainpower to solve clues!  Each team is presented with clues, which teams must solve in order to find a piece of information.

Each clue leads to a location, where players will find a vital piece of information to answer a question. All members of the group must write their answers on their copybooks, in case one of them doesn’t have the answers the team will be out of competition.
After solving all the clues teams will return with their answers to the classroom.  The fastest team with the most correct answers wins.

Remember that all team members need to stay with their team at all times! You may not split up to “divide” scavenger hunt tasks.

You will have 25 minutes to solve the activities.

Solving clues

So, you’re on the treasure hunt; how do you go about solving clues?
The first part of a clue puzzle refers to particular a location. The second part of the clue asks for a specific piece of information that you must solve in order to go to next location, where you will have to solve a different task that will lead you to another place. Once you have solved all the tasks required you can come back to the start place.

Here you can find a copy of all questions: The Odyssey (Book 7, 8, and 9)


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