It’s time to play Jeopardy! — The Odyssey (Book 5 and 6)


Dear students,

As today is Monday, it’s time to work with our reader: The Odyssey. In this lesson, we’ll check reading comprehension while playing Jeopardy! Have you heard about this game? If not, here we have the rules for today’s session:

The Odyssey’s Jeopardy Game: Instructions and Rules

  1. The class will be split into 4 groups randomly. (3 groups of 4 students and 1 group of 5)
  2. Each team will be given a card.
  3. One team will be chosen to pick the first category.
  4. The first question will be read, and the first team who holds the card up gets 1 minute to answer the question, if it is worth $100 or $200, and 2 minutes, if it is worth $300 or $400.
  5. Only one student from the team can answer the question. This means that you should choose a spokeperson for each answer. Groups are allowed to discuss their answers.
  6. A correct answer earns the point value while a wrong answer loses the value.
  7. If the team gets it wrong, the other teams are given a chance to answer. The team who gives the correct answer gains control of the board and chooses the next category and point value.

Taken and adapted from:

The Odyssey’s Jeopardy Game: Board

The Odyssey’s Jeopardy game


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