Short stories: structure and elements


I. What is a short story?

A short story generally involves a limited number of characters and scenes, deals with a short period of time, and uses only the details for understanding the story’s situation.

II. The structure of a short story
The structure of a short story is divided into three main parts: opening, climax and ending / twists.

  1. Opening:
    The start of the story, which introduces the protagonist and the setting(s)
  2. Climax:The turning point or the most exciting part of the story
  3. Ending / Twists (sudden unexpected endings to stories):The end of the story, which may provide a resolution, or a twist to surprise readers

III. The elements of a short story

Like any type of stories, a short story contains the following elements: theme, setting, context and characters.

1. Theme:

A short story may contain one or more than one themes, which express the main idea of the story, e.g. friendship, loyalty, family values, love, etc.

  1. Setting:It is the places or surroundings where the story takes place.
  2. Context:It is the events or the character’s actions that make up the story.
  3. Characters:The characters can be real people or fictional people, animals, etc.

To write your story you must consider the following:

Minimum 350 words (piece of cake!)

4 first conditional sentences (if/unless)

Clear main events as seen in the diagram: USE PARAGRAPHING for this

No sci-fi, no murder, no aliens, etc: BASED ON REAL LIFE SITUATION!!

Here is the Short story rubric


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