Dear all,

This year you have been selected to participate in the ESU National English Writing Competition!

For your category, participants must write an email of between 250 and 400 words in English addressed to a person in authority requesting a change. For example: An email to the headmaster of your school requesting a change in your school timetable, homework, uniform etc. or to a person in local or national government requesting changes in your particular neighbourhood or community. The email should clearly explain what changes are requested and why. It should have a subject and a recipient. It must be polite but persuasive. You need to convince the receiver to grant your request.

Second stage: 

The judges will select ten finalists from each category who will be invited to take part in an individual creative writing session on 24th September, 2015 at the Recoleta Dominica Museum. The nature of the writing tasks will be announced at the start of that session.


The judges will only have access to the emails, and will not know the names or origins of the writers. Their decisions will be final. These judges have been appointed by the English-Speaking Union Chile and the Chilean British Institute,

Judging criteria:

a) First Stage: The judges will assess the emails according to the following criteria:

  1. Use of language
  2. Analysis of the chosen argument
  3. Presentation and structure

b) Second Stage: The judges will assess the creative writing work according to the following criteria:

  1. Use of language
  2. Originality
  3. Quality of response to a given stimulus


1st Prize in Category 2: I Pad Air.

Second prize:  PNY Powerpack – rechargeable battery for smartphones and tablets

Third prize:       i Home Bluetooth pocket loudspeaker

These and other prizes will be awarded at a special ceremony at the Recoleta Dominica Museum at a Prize-giving (ceremony) in November 2015 (Date to be confirmed) with the attendance of the British Ambassador, during which the winning stories will be read aloud.


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