Listening about Shakespeare: a modern perspective


Everything you can imagine has been said about William Shakespeare. His life, his works and the events that surrounded him are mentioned in every classroom at least a couple of times a year.

a) But what made this particular man so important?

b) Why do we continue studying his works almost 500 years after?

c) Why does the film industry adapt his works?

d) Why is he an inspiration to other writers?

e) Why is he a key character to understand the Elizabethan era?

f) Why do you think that we, as English-as-a-Foreign-Language learners, need to know and learn about Shakespeare?

Let´s analize this video in two stages. First we will answer questions regarding the life, works and other aspects of this writer and then we will try to discover the answer to all of our whys!!

1. What does the “melting pot of the Elizabethan London” mean? Explain and describe.

2. Where was Shakespeare born? Describe the place.

3. What were the first two stages in the ages of a man according to Shakespeare?

4. What is one “profound transformation shaking up 16th century society” mentioned in the video? How did it transform Shakespeare’s life?

5. Who was in control of education before the Reformation?

6. What was the name of Shakespeare’s school in Stratford? Who founded it?

7. Was it a free-of-charge school? Explain.

8. What type of study programmes did it offer?

9. By the time Shakespeare left the school, at the age of 16, what was his relationship with Latin language?

10. What fueled or empowered the re-discovery of Classical knowledge? What was the name given to this period? When did it take place?

11. How did the re-discovery of Classical knowledge change the way the 16th century people thought? What things were they able to do now? Explain.

12. Shakespeare tried to show that we are “multi-layers human beings.” What do you think it means?

13. When did Shakespeare travel to London?

14. What did he encounter there? Explain.

15. What word is used to decribe Shakespeare’s London? What does it mean?

16. Describe Shakespeare’s London in both geographical and psychological terms.


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