Unveiling the Greek Gods!


To understand our current reading assignment you must be able to understand how Ancient Greece worked.

Gods were the entities that pulled strings on human life. Each God rooted for a different hero and “helped” the hero along the way, causing mischief on other “mortals” o “demigods” protected by the gods.

The three major gods descend all from one: Kronos, the time god. Zeus destroyed his father and became the King of Gods. He rules the land and the air.

His brother Poseidon is lord of the water world, and Hades rules the ever famous underworld. Each of them is wary of the other and at the least provocation is more than willing to start a fight.

Together with them we can find 9 other gods that emerge ready to interfere with the life of poor mortals as a way of distracting themselves and bothering the other gods.

In the following video you can find some information on the different gods.

Now answer these questions about the flighty gods and the position they occupied on Mount Olympus:

1. Why are the terrible deities a vital part of Ares?

2. Who is the craftsman between the gods?

3. Which goddess was married to one god but was the lover of another? Mention husband and lover as well.

4. Which two gods are twins?

5. Which temple still stands today? Who is it dedicated to?

6. Who was the goddess of harvest?

7. Why is it said that Zeus left a trail of deception, heartbreak and violence across the world?

8. Why do you think that Hermes is both the messenger from Zeus and the god of thieves?

9. Why is ecstasy and madness related to Dionysus?

10. Which is the most feared weapon of

11. How many theories tell us about the birth of Aphrodite?

12. What was the relationship of Hera with Zeus?

13: How was Athena born?

14. What god travels on a chariot?

Now you must investigate one of the following deities or heroes/monsters of Ancient Greece

Hera: Muñoz Artemis: Sottovia Zeus: Murillo
Hephaestus: Temkin Achilles: Arizabalo Dioysos: Achondo
Ares: Canello Athena: Larrain Herchules: Mayné
Apollo: Bartucevic Demeter: Gray Poseidon: Cademartori
Hades: Tortello Prometheus: Mendez Aphrodite: Ríos
Hermes: Karmy Atlas: Bahamonde Theseus: Kaplan
Perseus: Rebolledo Heracles: Aldunate Kronos: Buzeta

For that you need to write a post in your WordPress establishing the following in a “Godlike Report”:

  • Add media related to your character
  • Place of character in Ancient Greece
  • Personality traits and appearance portrayed to humans
  • Important event in his/her life marked by “olympian” interference
  • 70 to 100 words
  • Citing the referential links used.

Once you publish the post you will read it to your classmates.

Here are some links that can help you

The British Museum

BBC Primary History

BBC History


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