Let’s meet Boudica!

Dear students,

Today we have our first reading session, and we’ll introduce Boudica!

Let’s watch the video below in order to have an idea of Boudica’s social and historical context. Then answer the following questions.


  1. How many people did “Boudica’s anger”kill?
  2. What does the word Boudica mean?
  3. 3.Where was the Iceni tribe located?
  4. Who were they descended from?
  5. When did that tribe arrive in Britain and from where?
  6. How are the Iceni described?
  7. When was Stonehenge built?
  8. Which superpower had grown over the continent?
  9. How much of the world’s territory was conquered by this superpower by 60AD?
  10. What was King Prasutagus’ deal with the Romans?
  11. Why did the Iceni see themselves “as very much as equals to the Romans”? Take into consideration what the experts mention.
  12. When did King Prasutagus die?
  13. Why is it said that “the flames that consumed his body (the King’s) were about to consume his people”?
  14. How many times did Julius Cesar try to conquer Britain?
  15. How many people participated in the “biggest invasion fleet Britain has ever seen”? 

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