Siqueiros and his Murals in Chile

Watch the following clip about David Alfaro Siqueiros.

Before you start watching, you should know:

David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896-1974) was among the most famous of all Mexican painters and muralists, ranking alongside the great Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco. Siqueiros was born in Chihuahua and trained at the Escuela Nacional de Belles Artes in Mexico City. He participated in the revival of fresco painting initiated by government sponsorship of murals in public buildings, later creating frescoes in the United States.


  •  Where was Siqueiro´s mural found?
  •  What happened to the mural?
  •  What is the artistic status given to Siquieros in the film?
  •  Who else seemed to have the same artistic status?
  •  What other two murals did Siqueiros paint in L.A.?
  •  What clue (s) did the curators have to find the lost mural again?
  •  Why, according to the film, was the mural hidden for more than70 years?


Examine the following mural, which you will visit soon during the trip to the South of Chile. Write a 120-word descriptive text explaining what you think those images express.

Click HERE for enlarged version.

You can use these speech markers:

  • I think that …
  • It evokes …
  • The mural symbolises ….
  • It much shows …
  • From my perspective …..

This is an example of a descriptive text of a mural. Analyse it and use it as a model.

This image is an extract from a larger mural in Cerro Cantores, San Javier. It was painted in 2009 by Dolores Mendieta, a visual artist.

In the mural, one can appreciate some clear faces, in different sizes, surrounded by nature.

There are two bigger faces in the forefront which evoke desperation. I think that this expression shows how much some people truly care about the environment and how desperate they find themselves when faced with the rising contamination levels in our planet.

There is a more peaceful face behind them. It is clearly someone playing the guitar. This symbolizes the tune that every single one of us should sing to protect our environment. Next to him, there seem to be some animals and a palm tree. They stand as representative of what is truly valuable in our planet.

The artist used bright colours to portray the various elements of the mural. From my perspective, the mural is a great piece of art that motivates us to preserve nature and keep working to make our planet a better place to live.




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