Wine Portfolio: Chile winery, museum and its process

Take a look at this video:

These visual organizers may help you understand better

how-is-red-wine-made         HOW-WHITE-WINE-IS-MADE

Define 5 words from the wine making process.

1.- What does Carlos Cardoen say about the concentration of vineyards?

a) It is unique in the country

b) It is unique in the world

c) It is unique in the valley

d) It is unique in America

2.- The quality of the wine seems to be something that is accepted as:

a) One of the best in the country

b) One of the best in the world

c) One of the best attributes in the country

d) One of the best in the Valley

3.- What country is the biggest competitor?

a) France

b) Argentina

c) The U.S.A.

d) It is not mentioned

4.- Where was Carlos Cardoen born?

a) In Argentina

b) In Santiago

c) In the Colchagua Valley

d) North of Colchagua Valley

5.- Where did people advise Carlos to establish the museum?

a) Colchagua Valley

b) Casablanca

c) North of Santa Cruz

d) Santiago

6.- Why would people say the Carlos Cardoen is crazy?

a) Because he established the museum in Santa Cruz

b) Because he likes gambling

c) Because he didn’t do a market study before he opened the museum

d) Because the price of his wine is too cheap


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