South Trip Project – 2014 Field Experience

Dear students,

Today, we will be introducing our 2014 South Trip Project and the series of tasks you will have to carry out while you visit the different places and for after you come back to school.

Take a look at this presentation with the specific instructions, objectives and tasks.


We will start studying the first topic of your trip: Sewell, the “City of the Stairs”. What do you already know about this town?

If you look at the name, it kind of sounds different from other cities in Chile. What would you say is the origin of the name?

Watch this clip and find it out!

Watch the clip again. Answer the following questions

1. Where is it located?

2. Which mineral was extracted in Sewell?

3. Where did most of the investment come from?

4. What kind of people lived in Sewell?

5. What did Chile become in the 1950’s in relation to the mining activity in Sewell?

6. Which are the 3 categories of houses and what kind of people lived in each? Describe them.

7. How frequently were bowling competitions held in Sewell?

8. What “sad history” does the narrator refer to?


Why do you think Sewell was considered a “dream town” for those who lived there?


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