ICT-Project: How much do you know about inventions?

Today, we will start a new ICT-project related to technology and inventions. At the end of this project you will have:

  • Found out about some of the best inventions of the last few years.
  • Improved your vocabulary connected to inventions and the needs they satisfy.
  • Improved your grammar connected to the language of description.
  • Learnt how to use the iPad application “Adobe Voice” to create a descriptive video of an invention.

Not enough?

The best 2 videos of the class will get a bonus point in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes Test! Your teacher will announce the winners just before the test takes place.

What do you know about inventions so far?

Do you know which are the best inventions of recent years?

Watch the following clip and check if you knew about any of them.

What do you need to do?

Read out the following steps. Remember that every single stage is necessary for the completion of the project.


  • Tuesday, 30 September: You will receive instructions. Ask all necessary questions to clarify doubts. You will also take an online survey using your electronic devices.
  • Wednesday, 1 October: Your teacher will present the results of the survey. How much do we know about inventions? From a list, you must pick one invention and do an online research. While doing this, fill in the jotter with your findings.
  • Ms Carla’s Group: Multimedia Lab
  • Mr Calderón’s Group: Library

1. The Plow

2. The Wheel

3. The Printing Press

4. The Refrigerator

5. The Microwave

6. The Steam Engine

7. The car

8. The Light bulb

9. The Computer

10. The Internet

11. The camera

12. The Sewing Machine

13. Penicillin

14. The airplane

15. The cinema

16. The X-Ray Machine

17. Batteries

18. The Email

19. Matches

  • Thursday, 2 October: You will be assigned a partner to work with (selection will be random). Together, think of a necessity that you reckon hasn’t been satisfied yet, and invent an original product that would solve it. You must fill in Worksheet 2 with information about your invention.
  • Draw a sketch of what it would look like. This day, you will also watch a video tutorial on how to use the iPad app “Adobe Voice” to make videos.
  • Monday, 6 October: Record a video on “Adobe Voice” describing your invention. Use the information from Worksheet 2 to describe your invention in the video. Take a picture of your sketch and use it in your clip (you can use other pictures as well). Pick an appropriate song to go with your video.
  • Tuesday, 7 October: Final Session: Upload video link on Edmodo.




Take notes on the following video on how to use the Adobe Voice App to record your video clips!

This is a written tutorial with pictures and steps for further revision. CLICK HERE



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