Contents for Integrated Skills Test 2: Thursday, Aug 7

Dear all,

This is what you need to study for our test this Thursday:

  • (Not) as … as, too, enough:  SB p37 / WB p33 + practice worksheets
  • Reading Comprehension – Identifying specific ideas and details: practice worksheets

How do you find facts and details?

You can find the facts and details in a reading passage by thinking about the main idea. Once you know the main idea, you can find the details that support the  main idea. Read the passage below:

Tara spent her summer as a volunteer for Housing Humanity. She worked with other volunteers for two months building home for a family in need. The days were long and the work was hard, but Tara made many new friends. Most of all, Tara found satisfaction in doing something that would help others.

First, find the main idea of the passage. It’ s in the first sentence.

Next, let’s find the details that tell more about the main idea.



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