Informal Letter

7th grade: Writing a Informal Letter
May 22nd, 2014
-Understand specific instructions.
-Comprehend and organize information according to a given topic.
-Describe a specific sport.
-Apply the conventions of informal letters.
-Solve problems regarding the use of technology.
-Choose an unusual sport. Find out information about a person who practices this sport (at least 2 sources).
– Complete a graphic organizer describing the sport, mentioning the rules and the equipment, a profile (unit 1) of the sportsperson.
– Imaginary situation: Imagine you are one the people who practice this unusual sport. Write a letter to a friend telling him what happened to you in the last competition you were in. (120-150 words). Include the following information:
-Thank your friend for his last visit
-Say what you like about the sport you practice
-Say what happened on the last competition
-Tell your friend about the reaction of your family after the competition
-Include a photograph of the event (fictional)

Player’s Profile (age, nationality, life story, family: 60 words)


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