Cultural Bit: The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award!

Have you ever heard about this world-wide famous award?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award  is the generic name for an awards programme for teenagers and youths founded in the United Kingdom in 1956. The awards recognise adolescents and young adults for completing a series of self-improvement activities.

Watch the following promotion video about The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and take notes in your English notebook.

What are some requirements to participate in the competitions?

What advantages can people find when participating?

Video 2: Experiences that Last a Lifetime

Watch the following video with young people from Australia who are participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Then, answer the questions below:

1. Pick two positive opinions youths have about “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award” and write them down.

2. According to the video speaker, does it matter where you’re from?

3. How important is interacting with people in the programme?

4. What does the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award give you if you participate?


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