If superpowers were real: Super-strength!

Watch this video from TED Ed. about superpowers in real life and answer the questions below:

1. If you wake up one morning with 1,000 times the strength you had the night before, you’d have to be careful when you are
A. Shaking someone’s hand
B. Hugging someone
C. Eating without destroying the utensil or plate
D. All of the above

2. Pressure can be calculated by
A. Acceleration times area
B. Acceleration divided by area
C. Force divided by area
D. Force times area

3. If a superhero catches a girl falling from a 30-story building, what scenario would most likely take place?
A. She would die
B. She would fall in love
C. She would slap the superhero
D. She would marry the superhero

4. What is one way to save the girl falling from a 30-story building?
A. Catch her with your arms
B. Catch her with a door
C. Fly to her and abruptly stop her mid-air
D. Fly to her and gradually slow her down

A. Do you think that superpowers such as super-strength, the ability to fly, and super speed are really needed in today’s society? Why or why not?

B. What kind of “superpowers” do you think would help people in your society?


Have a look at the following PREZI presentation on superheroes and superpowers. Take notes on words and phrases connected to their abilites. You will use them in a writing task later on.



Before you start creating your superhero for this century, watch the following clip with some of the most famous 21st century superheroes to get inspired!

Create a superhero for this century. Describe each of the following features, with as much detail as possible. Refer to the following list of attributes:
–Superhero’s name

–Physical description of superhero (including costume)

–List of what makes this superhero “super” (special characteristics that only he or she has, such as Superman’s enormous strength and ability to fly)

–If the character has a “human alias” (such as Superman’s Clark Kent or Batman’s Bruce Wayne), give the character a name and occupation

–A brief history of the superhero that explains his or her motivation for his/her “super heroic” activities

–Types of problems that the superhero attempts to correct (may include villains)

–Special gadgets that help the superhero succeed (tools, vehicles, locations)


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